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how to make a toy car with a motor?what do you need? Answered

what kind of tools you need? what kind of metal do you need?how do you put it together?


been asked before - your tags are not helping you.


How big is the car? How is the car put together? Is there room in the car for a motor that can move it and a battery to run the motor? What kind of axle system does the car have? Are you able to come up with some sort of gear or belt system to tie the axles to the motor or will you have the wheels directly connected to a set of motors? Maybe you want a small wheel attached to the motor and that wheel is pressed against the car's wheel to drive it? How do you plan to control the car? Will it just be an on/off switch on the car and it goes in a straight line or will you have a wired or wireless controller to make the car go in different directions?

Are you planning for large-scale production?



6 years ago

Buy a toy car at Radio Shack.  Some come apart and let you change
motors, gears and tires.  Great education on how it works.

I helped my daughter build a Lego car powered by small solid fuel
rocket engine that won the distance traveled in her HS class.