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how to make a transmitter and a receiver attach from a toy car so that the car will go to the transmitter place? Answered

hello every one i need some help or any suggestion.
about transmitter and a receiver that is being attach in a toy car so that if the transmitter transmit signal the receiver from a toy car will detect it and the toy car will go to the transmitter antenna area...
thanks for your answer or suggestion...



8 years ago

No matter what your talking about some kind of micro-controller. A Motor driver and some kind of sensor.

Radio signals tend to be somewhat omni-directional - i.e. they spread out everywhere so you might well look at Ultra sonic or even Light or Infrared.

These can be detected by 2 sensors and the car directed to turn towards the stronger signal.

How to go about this in detail - there are so many variables it is something your going to have to research and get into the technology as there isn't a handy off the shelf solution.