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how to make a virus? Answered




Best Answer 8 years ago

I believe that, just before you get your masters degree in microbiology, you have the opportunity to manufacture your own viri by assembling the genetic structure with simple chemicals.

Otherwise?  Stand next to someone sneezing and rub your eyes-you'll be making viruses in no time.

Leave some mayo out in the sun and have people cough on it. Youll have lots and lots and lots of virus's and bacteria :D

I grew some H1N1 when i had a cold like this. It was coooool!!!!

Take a male virus and female virus*, and an alcohol solution (Say, a bottle of moderately priced wine) and put it all in a test tube.  Place the test tube in a private place overnight at room temperature with light jazz playing.  In the morning, if everything goes according to plan, you'll have a new virus.

*I'm only kidding about the male and female viruses, they're really genderless.  Just use two viruses that seem generally friendly towards each other.

Start with batch codes, convert to .exe, don't give it to me.

You're best with Burf's suggestion of modifying an existing one.



8 years ago

1. Genetic engineering
2. Primordial soup.