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how to make a water bed for dog? Answered

i want to build my dog a water bed that is just like a regular water bed. i wanted it to be heated and all. i have a water bed that my dog loves but i am having to get rid of it. the dog is a toy poodle so wont have to be to big. if you have any suggestions please tell me them. i can use my current water bed for parts.



Wow! That's a different idea. What I'd do is make sure that you have an adequately thick bladder for the bed. Figure out the size you want, and make a frame that the bladder can sit in. If you have any concerns about your dogs claws, then doubling up the bladder might work well in keeping out any leaks. You should be able to use the existing water bladder and the filling ports, and with the right adhesive, or heat sealing, you can probably make a new bladder from the old material. Then for the heater, you shouldn't need too much to heat up a much smaller amount of water, so if you're not able to use the heating element and regulator from the water bed; then consider using a regular heating pad that is water resistant (in case there are leaks). With a heating pad placed underneath the water bladder, it should provide enough heat to warm the water. You just need to make sure that you monitor the levels (at low, med, high), until you find the right temperature so that you don't cause any harm to your dog. Then just make sure that you have a good mattress cover for the water bladder so that you can keep it clean (and be more comfortable for you dog).

Good luck with the project. It sounds like a great idea, and I'm sure they'd feature it if you wrote an Instructable on it. (Plus getting featured gives you FREE Pro Membership).

Let me know if you have any questions. ;-)

thanks for your help that is very helpful and am moving at end of june so will be doing it than. if i have andquestions i will be sher to ask you

Seconded. That's an incredibly unique idea;

I have some PVC pond liner from a kit - you want to use the THICK stuff because water OUTSIDE a water bed creating a wet dog is simply no good :D

No problem. Let me know when you get around to making it. ;-)

A dog doesn't need a water bed. Eventually they will bite at it or there claws will go through it. A full sized water bed may not be an appealing chew toy to the dog now but it will be once its there size. Especially if they like chewing on things.

But if you want to do it anyway all you need is the right glue. You'll need to get the Vinyl glue used to patch inflatable rafts. You may have to buy several patch kits to get enough.