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how to make a watering can from old paint buckets? Answered




Maybe something like this?:

Just something to consider:  Paint cans rust, and watering cans get put through a lot of abuse (or at least mine do and I can't be the only one).  It might be a struggle to keep it functional and keep your flat surfaces free of rust spots.

You'll have to learn to solder.  Use the best bucket for the body.  Cut one of the other buckets into a spout.  Cut a hole in the side of the body and solder the spout in.  Cut one of the buckets and form a handle.  Solder it to the opposite side of the body.   put the lid on the body and cut a hole on the handle side to use for a filling hole.  Get a small tin can and form the opening to fit the end of the spout. Solder it on the spout and use a nail to punch holes in the bottom of the tin can for the water to come out in a gentle rain like stream.

Paint it a nice spring color and you now have a nice homemade watering can.

Or if you don't want to learn to solder, JB Weld would also work. Soldering would be prettier, though.