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how to make a woven bag / wide starburst bracelet? Answered

Hello, Does anyone know how to make a bag like the one in the photo? I know how to make these one 'strand' wide (like a starburst wrapper bracelet) but am struggling to work out how to make them wider. Any help would be appreciated! Vicky


Hows it going? Since this time I have made several bags but I have asked on many sites for help to learn techniques such as a flatter/wider bottom, straight edges, a bag with a square bottom and square "shoulder". How to attach various straps and handles such as chain and leather handles. I have tried all that Ive seen but so far no replies with more. Can you help please so I can get better at this. Love them. Caftyv.

There are sizes that you can work out but obviously you need larger material than a gum or candy wrapper. Decide on the size of the square you want to show for the size in this picture cut paper to [ 2 inches wide and 4'5 inches long] for a larger "square" showing ,eg. 1 inch you cut  [ 3.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches long]. Basically you need double the width plus a small amount more to allow for the thickness of the paper as slotting through each other . I hope this helps. I am making an Instructable on this as we speak look out for Craftyv and I'm always happy to answer any questions. So ask away.

I'm making one right now!!! it's blue and white checkerboard, and I'm gonna put a either zebra stripe or silver duct tape rose from another tutorial from this site! I'm soo excited to finish!!!!

Did you post photos of your bag? Would love to see it!

I'll post one soon with a link. It turned out to be just white with a zebra stripe...The blue didnt work out.

I know how to make them its really easy.  If you know how to sew.  All you have to do is sew each chain with sewing thread.  However in order to sew it you need to make a needle out of a flat strudy material like aluminum from a can or plastic from a juice container.  Aluminum works best.  You can acually find how to sew it on this site just look up candy wrapper purses.

I used to make gum wrapper bracelets but can't recall how to do it.

I have looked for these patterns now for some time, actually years! I've found that it is called 'prison art' at one point, and was typically done with gum wrappers. I have found some frames done in this fashion at antique stores. I'd love to know the directions for this as well. If anyone has a site that has directions I'd sure like to know about it!


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Great question! I would like to know myself..