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how to make alcohlic beer? Answered

Hi...In my location there is a beers but ( non alcoholic) ! Can some one tell me how to make it alcoholic beers?Is it possible?



Where is your location? L

my location is Kuwait.....can I use non alcoholic budwieser beer which is available there with bakery yeast and sugar ??????? thanks

Have a look at this site via the search function. It's rather easy, essentially you only need yeast & sugar and some nutrients, with pH on the acidic side (e.g. lemon juice)


(Watch out for the law though...)

Wine is easier. Bad wine is even easier, if all you care about is getting drunk. (Which has never appealed to me, personally, but to each their own.)

Start here, and then extend your researches.

Go to
and they will tell you all you need to know about it and sell you the materials to do it.
But it may be illegal where you are so check first.