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how to make an 5 volt(usb) to 3.7volt for charging li on battary (camera) Answered

hey, i lost a special 10 pin mini usb cable for my camera so i cant charge it any more so i was looking for information to make one, so i need to convert 5 volt to 3.7 volt so i can hook up the battary for charging can any one halp me with this ??? greetzz willem


well again if i had the cable i would make one of those but i dont have it so i should make a batary charger for it to make it work but thanx again fr the tips

well if that was posible i would not be here but i took some photo`s from it good luck finding info all i got were selling info in geman no site or other things
so i would rather make an charger then searching me to death for air ;)


Ah, welcome to Instructables. My choice #3 in the previous comment is a highlighted link to USB charger instructables found on this site that might help. And you can use the reply to comment to make sure the commenter gets notified to come back to the topic to take a look.

sorry for the small letters but its says 5 pins on each side and the red dots are the pin places

1. Can you get a new cable?
2. Can you find out what the pin configuration is and make your own cable?
3. Take your pick...
Good luck.