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how to make an H FRAME EASEL? Answered

I have ordinary foldaway easels , but I would like something bigger, I saw somewhere a picture of an H frame easel made of wood, it looked rather simple to put together, but maybe not
thank you
christina ross


I made you a diagram. It should be easier to follow then written directions, but if you need more help, or have questions, let me know.


You're welcome. :)

btw, if you want more member input, leave the question as is, if you got what you need, mark the question as answered.

that is great canucksgirl, what do you thinkabout a frame on the base with that pin join and add some wheels, would that be stable also

If you want to add some wheels, then I would purchase a set that has a locking mechanism, in order to keep the easel stationary when in use.

You could also add a platform base to the construction. If you want it fixed, then you can simply build out a frame and omit the use of the pin supports and hinges all together.

If you want the easel to still fold for storage, you'll want to make a cross brace between the back two legs and the front two legs. Then take a board that will fit between the front and back legs (when the easel is opened), and put hinges to the back two legs at the cross support.

Then when the easel is closed, the platform base will fold up against the back two legs and then the easel itself is folded flat. When the easel is opened, the base will fold down and the front of the base (opposite hinges) will simply rest upon your front cross brace at the front legs.

I hope that makes sense. :)

Here's a modified drawing that show the platform base folded up. Note the location of the hinges. This way the base can fold down and rest upon the front cross brace. (You'll need good measurements, or build out the front cross brace to ensure the platform will rest upon the cross piece when opened).


thank you canucksgirl, the drawing is great and understandable to this old girl and the idea about the wheels is great too. cheers cross15