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how to make an electric meter model? Answered

I have to make a 3D model of an electric meter and explain what each part is.


Deconstructed: Electricity Meter--
I think this is what you were looking for. its a video how how an electric meter (the type found on the side of houses) is deconstructed then the important parts are put back together so you can see how they work. i believe the original design is something that Tesla whipped up for Westinghouse just after the power plant at Niagara was finished. good luck and let us know what u make with it.


Are you modeling it in the computer or in real life 3d? what kind of meter are you looking to model? Google will bring up more than enough information on the subject.

I'm assuming the question is about the household electric meter. If you websearch "how does an electric meter work", you'll find many descriptions and probably some graphics. If your question is about other kinds of meters, changing the search appropriately will yield appropriate information. (Started to write a more complete answer, realized that this is a homework assignment, and decided you'll learn a lot more if you do your own research.)

Do you mean an energy meter or WattHour Meter ?