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how to make an invertor in home? Answered

small capacity invertor to make one house full of light



8 years ago

if you are trying to light a house off of 12v batteries I would go with led cuz it wont burn down your house

The big issue isn't how to make one, it's how to conform to codes.

Unfortunately, it'll literally cost you $900 (US) to get the electrical specification that outlines that information. For electrical standard covering areas outside the US I'm not sure, but I suspect that the cost will be similar.

If you want to know more about what an inverter does and how it works, here's a link to a description of what an inverter is and how it works. From the link, choose Inverter (electrical)

Without expertise in electronic design, it is probably, as re-design suggests, better to purchase one than to try to build one yourself.

No, you just end up burning the house down. It'd be much cheaper just to buy one. Unless you have a good stash of the right parts you'll spend 4 times as much for parts and still have to tinker. It won't have any safeguards built-in like a production on will.