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how to make an ordinary computer a server? Answered

To make an FTP server ??
what softwares needed?
system config required?
steps required to do it?


Get filezilla ftp server - you get get a silent installer from
http://ninite.com/Filezilla/ - will automatically download and install for windows.

You can set it up as a windows service and it will run in the background. From there, the interface program is external and runs on its own connection, so in the general config don't change the interface port.

In the config you need to set up the port that the server listens on - 21 is default but you can change that to any unused port.

Also, you set up user accounts that have a username and password, and what directory on the computer is the home directory for that login. It's entirely virtual so you can have folders exist in parallel from multiple locations that aren't in the same orientation as where they are physically in the drive folder structure.
Each folder for each person will have permissions - read, write, append, delete - each meaning what the title says.

Your machine's IP address if not changed from default will be DHCP assigned - which will be likely different every time you turn on your computer. You can configure your computer to get a Static IP - either by telling the computer what IP to be, or by telling the router what IP to give your server...You need to search for instructions on that "how to give my computer a static IP"

Then you probably have a router - it acts as a firewall because stuff on the outside can't see the computers inside. You need to use port forwarding in your router to assign an external port to an internal IP address and port. You can learn about port forwarding by searching 'how to set up port forwarding on [insert your router model here]'.

Then, whenever someone accesses 'your internet ip address' at 'your external ftp port', the connection will be forwarded to your computer, where the server will take the request.

There are a ton of step by step guides already on the internet. Use good search terms and read through the guides you find to make sure it makes sense before you start.

Making one is VERY easy, making it secure, not so much. You need to do a fair bit of research. Are you running windows or Linux or .....?