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how to make an origami cube folding machine Answered

i want to cover an entire bedroom wall with origami cubes that are made up of 12 identicle pieces. The problem is it takes way to long and i want to make a machine to do some of it or all of it. I relize this may take micro prosessors. i have an old working overhead, 2 servos, and i dumpster dive all the time/ can get parts. any advise or is this to damn crazy?



10 years ago

Doing the actual folds would be tricky. Here are a few ideas:


What would be *much* easier, is to pre-crease the paper in the appropriate pattern. For example, you could try to "emboss" the folds on both sides, by pressing it in between two plates, on which you've laid out the pattern of folds with metal wire.

I would say it is damn crazy, but, being abig fan of Rube Goldberg solutions, I think it may be possible. Trouble is, it will take longer to build the machine than to fold it all by hand. My advice: order a huge stack of pizza, several two-liters of soda, and have an oragami party. Then you can have other people share the burden of the work. 12 friends will get 12 times as much dne over the course of a day. Have you done the math on how many cubes it will take to cover that wall?