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how to make bluetooth device? Answered

how to make bluetooth device?


I am looking to put a chip into a small device that carries personal information. I want to have it blue tooth accessible to upload that info via computer and to read it by another computer.

how to make a bluetooth device???

i want to know how to build bluetooth device ..that is wat are the components required etc etc..i basically want it for a device which simply sends text files to another device..
please help

thankin u in advance!

I am looking for something of the same. I was thinking of a small device that will open an app to do that but if you can actually do that from the device, that would be great. My question is does anyone know where I can go to get someone to blueprint the bluetooth device for me? I am not sure where to go to find an engineer to work on this for me. I am not sure even what kind of engineer to be looking for honestly. If anyone can refer to someone, I would really appreciate it. :)

Buffalo Technologies <--- You will need this but still you need a item Almost 8 years ago i used this with nintendo wifi connector of 12 euro!. Also you could use Buffalo Technologies for usb sticks and other stick but they need to be given a singal like internernet or infrarood or somthing else like plasma :P or somthing you will change the information of the stick intro a bluetooth noproblem check me youtube account knipknap and subscribe that will make me happy:P

That's like saying 'how to make a metal machine' or 'how to make a wireless device'. What kind of device? What is the intended purpose?

how to make bluetooth device for my knowledge i want to know

Attach a bluetooth radio to a device that supports some sort of data transmission. Tada, bluetooth.

You can buy interface modules for various things, but like ZeroGx says, you need to explain what you want to do.


8 years ago

if you have an EE, you could go completly custom. otherwise, use something like the arduino, xbee, and like tings... if we knew what you wanted to do, it would help give a better answer.