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how to make boxing heavy Punching Bag? Answered

if somebody cen make video about making bag



9 years ago

lol I was thinking bout making an instructable, use some strong material (gel proof), make your bag, fill with 5 gal water to 1 lb corn starch. i have no idea bout the size, so use that ratio

it doesnt matter how hard you hit it, a puching bag should be soft enough to hit as hard as you can and not break bone in the hand, if you break your wrist then its because you dont know how to punch correctly or because of a freak accident. (wrist straight w/ knuckles = good and no pain)

PS not neccasarily you but anybody who has that problem.

Yeah I know... He was talking about filling a bag with water and starch... I fail to see how one would magically hit the right ratio, so that's why I said what I said. I know how a heavybag works, I just think it's a bad idea to fill it with water and starch.

Also I don't use handwraps, ´cause I wanna strengthen my smaller wrist muscles, that'll also add to ones vulnerability in the beginning and if you have less than good equipment.

the ratio is not that hard to hit actually, ive done it many times for fun and experiments, the problem is (assuming the punching bag is watertight) that the water will eventually settle to the bottom, and the mixture forms a non-newtonian fluid, (if needed the definition is at the bottom) so stirring the mixture before use wouldnt be worth the time. although the density of the solid depends on the ratio you use, i personally would want something a bit more dense than the 5-1 ratio, so the ratio depends on how hard you want your punching bag to be when you hit it.

non-newtonian fluid- a fluid with protein strands throughout it. when pressure is applied the strands tighten and the liquid tempoarily becomes a solid, its quite fun to play with and can be used for many experiments, the downside is its one of the messiest fluids out there (personal experience)

i would use canvas like he said and fill it with rice

I actually made one the other day. I bought some heavy canvas from a Hobby Lobby close to my house, sewed it into shape and filled it with old blankets from a local goodwill. Its 6' tall, weighs about 100 pounds(i added sand in the bottom for stability)...and it is far better then the 200$ one i have in my garage. Its wrapped in 2 layers of duct-tape so i can leave it outside where i workout, and truck me..it can take a beating. Thank you Home-ec in highschool..lol

Eventually i will make another one, and when i do i will make an instructable.