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how to make charcoal out of garbage, from the city? Answered

i have been trying to come up with a way on how to make cooking charcoal out of dirt or garbage from the city.

i burn this garbage then after use a mill to crash it into powder then mix with some little stourch from cassava flour  then put the mixture into small moulders which are disturbing because i use a very local method then drying becomes my worst enemy because if there is no sun i cannot produce ,

please give me an easy way on how to transform my business to come out with good production capacity.



i don't know where you are in the world but I would look at what Steve says seriously

And think that

All air drying does is take time. Provided you have enough stock there will always be some dry stuff to sell. building a large enough stock is the problem.

If you design you briquets to be easil7y dried - say with fins or a hole down the middle then this process will be faster - You don't necessary need sun to do the drying a breeze should be enough.

iam in Uganda my friend, but it looks like you need to elaborate more for me to understand your process

The Youtube videos enplaned it better than I can.

BUT get a tube the correct size. Put in the middle another tube to make a hole.

pack material round the inner tube to make a cylinder with a hole through it.

Push out this will dry very quickly. Whilst it is drying you can make a lot more. eventually you will have some ready and some drying and simply add to the process as you make them.

If you use a steel tube you could maybe pack the raw material in the tub and cook it in the tube to make the charcoal.

Traditionally Briquets are made from coal or charcoal dust mixed with a small amount of cement to stick them together.

Interesting I am ahead of my time!

If I were making them I would take a length of drain pipe and put a broom handle down the middle - pack with the briquette material, slide out and dry.

Cut to length if necessary -

Seems like a quick process to me.

If I were making them I would take a length of drain pipe and put a broom handle down the middle - pack with the briquette material, slide out and dry.

Yep, exactly like that. Look for "Porta-press" and the work of Richard Stanley



Yup, easy one to predict that - Lots of good stuff and ideas on that site.

Closer to home news paper soaked and treated the same way burns almost as good as logs and can cost nothing.

Regarding the question of how to get water out of the briquettes, one trick is to use a press, to squeeze most of the initial water out of them, as shown here:

I think the usual trick for making charcoal with modern materials involves cooking the biomass inside a closed fireproof retort,
and that is done to keep it away from air so that it does not burn completely into ash.  Also the gasses driven off are flammable, and it may be possible to do something useful with those gasses, like burning them to make more heat.   The fire below the retort,  providing the heat, does burn itself completely into ash. 

A typical choice for the fireproof retort is a big steel drum, as shown in these instuctables:


Hallo Jack, thank you for this extensive research, for sure i have picked a new idea and i will try some thing new this time.


Why not use the waste heat from the pyrolysis to dry the next batch of briquette mix ?