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how to make cheese from raw milk? Answered



Is this something you want to take our word for? Wouldn't you rather google it and at least get an overview of the process from people who have at least taken the time to put up a site or instructable about it?

What an excellent idea! In fact, lets take it to the limit and not bother with questions here. Just use Google. After all, Google is your friend...

If only more people had your attitude. The quality of questions would rise by at least an order of magnitude, and might even become interesting.

Hey, count your blessings...we could be like Yahoo! Answers. Now those guys are morons...

. Is your name Ron? We don't need no mo' Rons around here. . I wonder if Z has figured out that his/her sarcasm is lost on us? . Will they ever bring back Route 66? . It ain't easy being cheesy.

Oh, hello Doctor. I think the TARDIS has landed in the wrong year this time, though, love. Try 2009. :p

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Open the milk. Leave it in your refrigerator for about three weeks. It'll have nice firm lumps all through it. Spread those lumps on crackers and enjoy your fresh cheese!

this sounds like a bad way. Try making buttermilk or yogurt with it, then adding rennet. There are plenty of site out there for making different kinds of soft and hard cheese.

See Re-design's question below...

Simplest reliable answer I can think of: 1) Make yoghurt. (Use commercial yoghurt as the starter culture; websearch but I suspect there's an instructable on it.)) 2) Use that to make yoghurt cheese. (Websearch, again but basically just let most of the whey drain out through a filter -- a coffee filter in a strainer works just fine, if you give it a day or two of draining in a back corner of the fridge.) Result is something approaching cream cheese.

Just don't eat the dark green mold.