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how to make fin ammo Answered

typically i use gold rods an use the line in the rod as a guild for where the fins should be placed



look up KILLERK on youtube and find out for yourself lol
honestly its the only ammo i shoot outta my TR8 is shoots 300ft angled and over 100ft flat extremely accurate and shoots very fast
whats not to like?


Pretty good explained! I always failed at making these (even with gold rods), my fins always ended up crooked or so. 4*

I can never get these right either. My fins are all lopsided and each fin has a different length. =(

I know eh. But even with crooked/uneven etc. wings, the bullets still fly further.

I just made a finned bullet and it turned out good. =D When I had the NAR some time ago, it shot 150 feet with fin ammo even though the fins were all crooked.

Cool! Fins tend to improve the range on a lot of guns. I got about 40 metres ones with finned rods out of a tr gun

Something like that yes. (about 133 and 1/3th feet to be exact) I put 4~5 bands on a single shot tr like gun.

Were you shooting at an angle? I saw your FAMAS and it looked very realistic. =D

You should post this as an instructable.

I based mine from '09 on his design:


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