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how to make fireplace log out of paper? Answered

also using books magazines etc


They are very-high in ash and unattractive, plain books burn quite well anyway.


Oh yes but ash isn't good for air-flow, similarly I should have picked-up a bag of coal rather than 100% smokeless.


Can you buy coal ? I thought we were all on coke ?

Oh yes, I live out in the country in Yorkshire, petrol-stations even sell it.


Mix the paper with a convenient amount of water, and stir it into the soil around an acorn.

As the paper decomposes, it will fertilise the growing oak sapling.

Come back in 200 years and harvest...

2 options - both work quite well.

1) roll the papers VERY tightly soak in water bound with string and leave to dry.

2) make Papier Mache get or make one of the presses fill and press out most of the water leave to dry.

Both ideas work.

paper log.jpg