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how to make firing detonators for bullets? Answered

how to make detonators for bullets to replace on old cartridges




6 years ago

You're looking for a compound known as "Armstrongs Mixture". I reload my own custom shotgun shells mixing my own powders and primers. In a primer the primary oxider is potassium perchlorate, which creates a compression sensitive compound.

Do your research and take the proper steps to remain safe. This works great to trigger both smokeless and black powders. I have used it manytimes.

It boggles my mind why people who don't have any real information always answer with "don't try it". That additude does not reflect the spirit of this community.

I used to belong to a gun club some years ago,
and was shown how the shell and bullet *may* be re-used.

There was quite some empahsis on just how much experience you need
in order to determine whether the components can be re-used.

Tthe majority of gun members preferred to buy new, ready-made rounds purely on safety grounds, considering that a few pennies saved wasn't worth the risk of losing their sight (through flash-back on an improperly sealed cartridge), or their fingers.

The cost of the equipment was also such that you would have to do several thousand rounds before you realised any cost savings.

Of the two members that did (they pooled together), one put more explosive in the cartridge on purpose to deliver a higher charge and wound up in some pretty serious accident; he wouldn't tell me what but his hand was heavily scarred, either way he was embarrassed.

Don't be tempted to make a home-made detonation device;
in most places it is illegal and will land you in jail and
with todays society you may even be listed with potential terrorism charges
which will curtail your travel later in life.

Don't do it; it's really not worth it.

My dad and I make our own up, and you can buy decent equipment for $500, that is, for every thing. It's more accurate than factory made, so the consistency with aiming is greatly increased. To do things like add more explosives, use the wrong primer or use a splitting shell is downright stupid, so yes it may cause injuries if done incorrectly, but it can be avoided, I just hope that guy didn't hurt himself too bad.

While I do not accept that factories get everything perfect 100%, they have undertaken more considerable research and testing than the total of experience of you and your Dad. Plus if they made rounds that fired inaccurately they would soon be out of business, so to advance an agrument that you would make better rounds is simply airy-fairy - and downright dangerous. I'm not going to argue this anymore - it's really in your hands.

Alright, I do not wish to argue. But, I recommend testing it. Get a bench rest and aim at a dot on a target 100m away, try this ten times with factory rounds. Then, if you would be willing, try the same thing with home done rounds.

Primers are not easy to make, and homemade ones are not reliable. Depending on the type of primary explosive used, they can cause significant problems with the rest of the gun-the chemicals used and created can be corrosive. There's enough info and keywords in that last paragraph to find out what you need with google. The simple way is to go someplace that sells re-loading supplies and buy new primers.

You want information on reloading cartridges. Just Google "cartridge reloading" to get a list of companies selling presses and components. ~Bob~