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how to make flavored rolling papers? Answered

i need to know how to make flavored rolling papers i would like to make my own flavor...plez help?



You could spray them with a dilute flavored liquid and allow them to dry, but I can't vouch for the efficacy of the glue once done. Sounds like more of a pain than the benefits received. I'd just buy them (if I knew what they were for ;)
<coughs suggestively>

During manufacturing, the flavoured papers you buy are impregnated with scents prior to receiving the thin strip of glue. I think the paper itself to fragile to monkey with once you've bought it.

Though if I were to try, I would think some kind of aerosol applied flavour would work. If you don't cover the glue strip this may be problematic. You could also try dipping each paper into your flavour solution, but the paper is fragile and may not survive being immersed.

I'm all for the spitir of this, however the last time I checked rollies there was no less than 50 flavours all at less than $2 a pack.
The solution may be more costly and taxing than the results.

Wouldn't it be easier to sprinkle something flavoursome in with the tobacco?

(Note: this comment is in no way an endorsement of smoking.)


8 years ago

  You can eat a piece of chocolate and put a little on you tongue when you lick the paper.
  You can take a couple of drops of your favorite alcohol and apply it to a paper. Let it dry, then use it.
  But my favorite is to get a banana leave and use it once its dry.  You tear thin little strips and tie them around it to keep it closed.  Banana leaves can be purchased at some specialty food markets.......because they don't grow in Arizona!