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how to make hammered sculpture in the method used on Statue of Liberty and Portlandia? Answered

I'd like to sculpt a large piece but can't afford bronze casting. Hammered copper or bronze has a good look but need info on the process.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repouss%C3%A9_and_chasing the technique you are looking for is called repousse in general it is used on a small scale to shape and pattern precious metals.

i beleive the stat of Lib was beaten out over a full sized wooded patterns

"Into each wooden mould, a sheet (one square meter or larger) of virgin copper, 2.5 milli- meters or about one-tenth of an inch in thickness, was pressed by means of rammers, levers, and mallets large and small. In the case of complicated shapes, the copper had to be heated. Wrought iron bands and rods gave rigidity to each of the copper sections, which were feather-edged and held together with one-fifth-inch flush- headed copper rivets...."


A leather sand-bag offers the anvil for the pounding, lots of elbow grease provides the shaping, and then its a matter of soldering, brazing, or welding the parts together - followed by a nice grinding and buffing to hide the seams.

darned smart on the leather sandbag...I've often had to hammer-form sheet and that idea for a soft dolly would have solved alot of problems for me...

it's how crafts'people' have done it for centuries :D Hand made armour was way more important back then!

well, I found it illuminating...I taught myself to hammer form and made my own dollys using scrap steel until I learndd that they were already out there... And it's far more inspiring than other possible answers to the question. ;P

Look for books and instructables on "panel beating" or classic car restoration, what you want are exactly the skills that good body shop uses ! You need to learn about annealing your work hardening metal too.