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how to make home made lcd monitor from old labtop (pentium 1) LCD ? Answered

i have old laptop with Pentium 1 (fujitsu fmv-biblo, model: FMV5120NU2/W, CD:16V, 40W.)
but i can not use it any more, coz it not work nicely any more..

one day my uncle give me a PC computer (PENTIUM 3) without monitor..
i thing, if i can make home made monitor from the old labtop, it will be great..
we can use wood frame for the body, just like digital photo frame.. but its only monitor for PC.

thx for help...


The best solution I can think of would be to put the laptop back in the laptop and have the laptop run a remote console application.

Because these things are built into laptops, they aren't designed to be "Plug and play". People don't tend to appreciate the value of standardised equipment until they asking questions like this one. It's one of those things that's good in a way you don't notice (while it works),
But the PC and this LCD display are incompatible, Burf has said the rest.



8 years ago

For all practical purposes, it can't be done. It requires a very high skill level to design/build the circuitry needed to adapt the LCD screen for use as a monitor and the expense in both man hours and components will far exceed the cost of a new monitor. Check around and you'll see that no one even tries to make this kind of conversion. It simply isn't a worthwhile effort.
Look around, you can find LCD monitors dirt cheap at numerous outlets or you can get an old CRT monitor for practically nothing.