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how to make homemade tube bender? Answered

how to make homemade tube bender, for 1" tube?



iron tube type to bend


7 years ago

Fing a length of heavy spring that just fits over the tubing, like this: http://www.thepipeviper.com/

I used to work in air conditioning & we used various types of pipe bending equipment.
You really need to give more detail, what type of material do you want to bend, wall thickness, diameter, is it extruded or seamed pipe?
Without a bit more information your question is pretty much impossible to answer properly.


7 years ago

And then there is the always crude but effective techniques like putting it on the grass and running it over with your car. Perhaps more of a mangle than a bend. Of course there is also the squash factor, that you have to determine through experiment.

Much depends on Materials, wall thickness, Diameter of the bend, Size of the tube.

Fairly good bends can be made in thin wall tube by filling with sand and plugging the ends. For small diameter tube use salt as it can be washed out.

You "might be able to use some old bike rims if the tubing is sufficiently soft. Of course, you'll need to fill the space where the spokes penetrate, and you'll ave to settle for whatever radius they offer.

What type of tubing do you wish to bend (copper, rigid pipe, EMT tubing, PVC, etc)? Do you want a hand bender, hydraulic, hand pumped or electric pump? What kind of tools do you have access to? Please give more detail on what you need help with.