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how to make hotel towels? Answered




There are towels that are marketed to look like hotel towels, and you can have them embroidered if you like.  Land's End and L. L. Bean both offer towels that have that hotel style and off embroidery.  You can also just buy the towels and embroider them yourself or take them to an embroidery place (where they do jerseys and team clothing) to have it done professionally.  It would be quite tricky to start with terry cloth off the roll and do all the stitching yourself from scratch.  I'm also not sure you would save yourself any money especially if it's a bust.  More importantly, it would just be frustrating as all get out.


8 years ago

Make a trip to a cheap hotel.

I'm not sure what you're asking. What is it about hotel towels that you're trying to duplicate?

The "Mostly white but with mysterious streak" nature of hotel towels.

Embroider the hotel-logo on some regular towels?
What qualities of "hotel-towels" are you wanting to reproduce?