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how to make icecream Answered

With out a icecream maker!!!!



9 years ago

There are lots of verions up on Instructables!
Here's one that just needs a plastic container; a version with liquid nitrogen; and [https://www.instructables.com/id/Home-Made-Ice-Cream...-without-a-refrigerator!/ several] differenteasyversions of the shake-it-in-salted-ice small-serving method.

My sister gave me a great little recipe. Other than the ingredients, all you need is a freezer and a little patience. For the basic skeleton of ice cream all you need is 2 parts double cream to one part single cream, icing sugar to taste (approx. 1 cup) and vanilla essence (a good quality bottle of vanilla essence will go a long way). You can add any other flavours you want; chocolate, strawberry, fudge brownie etc. My sister did a fantastic chocolate ice cream with peanut butter, toffee sauce and she broke up some chocolate cookies in there too. In a large freezer-proof Tupperware box stir the double and single cream together, add the vanilla essence and sieve in the icing sugar. If you're doing a chocolate ice cream you may want to slightly heat the cream as well as melt the chocolate to avoid curdling. Once you've whipped up all the ingredients together all, you have to do is stick it in the freezer. After about an hour and a half, take it out the freezer and whip it up again. Keep doing this ever hour and a half until you're left with a thick ice cream that has no icicles in it. Voilà!