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how to make liquid Ferric chloride out of anhydrous ferric chloride powder? Answered

i mean how many parts of water to how many parts of powder..? please help...! thanks.?


You want ~30% w/v, i.e. 30g made up to 100ml, or 300g up to 1 litre. With ~0.1% HCl.


you mean add 30g of powder to 100ml of water and few dops of hcl..?
BTW do the sell HLC in shops..?? im not in US..!

No. I mean make 30g up to a finished volume of 100ml, that's %w/v. Hydrochloric acid is sold as a pool (swimming) additive.


It needs to be a bit acidic I believe, but not having done this you could always try without. (running out of knowledge about etching...)


thanks mate....ur'e the best..!!