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how to make magnet motor free enrgy w/o neodymium? Answered

i dont have access to buy neodymium or much parts like roms and hard drive to slavage dozen of it. all i have are craft magnets.. ceramic type i think...


It is not obvious to me how one goes about making a "magnet motor free enrgy" with Nd-based magnets.  So I don't think you're at real disadvantage there with just having the weaker ceramic kind.

However, some persons (or robots) answering this question will likely tell you your "magnet motor", whatever it is, they'll tell you that such a thing is totally impossible based on thermodynamic arguments.

Anyway, I'm not sure what exactly what kind of "free energy" or "magnet motor" you want to build, but I think there's a good list of them, here:

uhm, are u aware of those rotor with magnets, and by means of repulsion from the stator, it rotates. sumthing like that....

Have you seen this one?

It is essentially a rotary version of "Dippy Drinking Bird"

And I suspect something like that might actually work, but for that you need easily liquefyable gasses, like freon or propane, not magnets.

As far as magnets go, I have never seen any arrangement of permanent magnets capable of sort of "pushing itself" for more than a fraction of one rotation.

Moreover I would not expect such a thing to be possible, any more than I would expect  a self-driving wheel could be made from springs and counter-weights.   Arrangements of  magnets can be made to
store small amounts of energy, just like springs, and flywheels, and weights can.  Then the thing that you build requires "winding up" to store energy in those various storage elements, and then after a while it  "winds down" because there was only so much energy stored in it.

Ah, but you say that magnets have some sort of mysterious ability to interact with fabric of space itself, and somehow extract energy from it, from space, from the vacuum. 

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...   ;-)

The only other internet resource I can think of for magical magnet motor plans, besides PesWiki, is that place RexResearch, linked above for the Minto heat engine, and here:

Just go there, and do a Ctri-F to search for "magnet motor" within the body of the page. I'm pretty sure there's more than one.



like this one..


or this...

however, they're usiing neodymium....

A shame that first video doesn't have audio.
You're missing the hiss of the compressed air jet driving it.

for real?

sorry, i was loged in in my friends name..

That's my guess, although if you read the video's comments, other people have different ideas about how it was set up.
What would happen if that wasn't driven in some way is that the magnets would find an equilibrium state and the motion would stop.

Magnets behave in very strange ways; gyroscopes are another thing like that - their movements are sometimes weird or counter-intuitive -  but they do conform to the established laws of physics.  They don't pull energy from nowhere and they don't run for ever (although with very low friction in an efficient system, they can run for a very long time.)

Hey thanks for actually posting a link or two reference that which you are asking about.  That is very helpful!

Note that when a YouTube video mentions a name, you can try searching for that name via Google, or narrow the search specifically to  PesWiki's pages.

E.g. the first video
you posted says "Perendev" in the title. See:

Says Mike Brady, head of company named Perendev, was arrested for fraud in Germany last year, and the company closed its doors. I guess that means the oil companies got to 'em. Bummer. They should have made it open source.  ;-)

The third video
says "Calloway", and the search returns:

In the third video kind of looks it kind of looks like the narrator is "pumping" this motor, by moving the "stator" magnet in his hand back and forth, and that the motor won't run without him doing that.

BTW, have you seen these?

Curie point heat engines

Rubber Band Heat Engine

i guess i'll close this qestion. tnx for the heaads up.

tnx for the links, guess heat can help, but guess it won't be a hundred percent dipendent on mags...

wow.... tnx jack... woudnt hav known that... so i guess no one has really ade it possible yet???

p.s. tnx for the info.

wow.... tnx jack... woudnt hav known that... so i guess no one has really ade it possible yet???

p.s. tnx for the info.

sorry, i was logged in in my friends name...

im not sure about this, but i think i saw this in myth buster, a cover is missing in the diagram i think, to provide th lower temp, other wise, kelseymh is right, it just might find a state of equilibrium. but, w8.. i'll re post, i'll try to find what im saying..

iim not sure, the sounds a little bads on the second link, but i think he uses strong magnets, or neodymium.

wat im trying to make is sumthing like that if possible w/o using neodymium?

WOW! The David Hamel Motor sound good :-

Supposedly, the "3 cone device" or "3CD" gives forth the principle of perpetual motion via 3-body interaction physics to the zero point energy field via the usage of duality/magnetism and of vibration. Chaos physics induced through 3-body interactions. Chaos induced to provide runaway conditions of acceleration in the apparatus. A method of 'straining the aether' through torsion field interactions through magnetism and extreme vibration.

And it's believed to be Atlantean in origin. 

With all those scientificy words, how can it not work !!!


3 years ago

You know a person called johnson developed a design for a motor that runs on permanent magnet (which makes it free energy device) long back , but the power corps sued him and made his invention put away for (idk may be 80 years or so) , these paper , they only came out to light in 2008 only after the poor guy was dead already ( like really dead ~ awol) , so if you find any comments (esp. rude ones that sound educated) with more than 30.8% stupidity , then they are our beloved corporations, so dont care about them this really works. I mean if free energy was really impossible , then nobody would've bothered about nikola tesla

What about giving the hojo motor a try?

Free energy? Doesn't exist no matter what type of magnets you have.

uhm.. yes.. what i ment, is, isaw those who made magnets and by means of repulsion, the rotor inside rotates, although i understand that its not 100% free, i just want to try to mimic it, but most i saw uses neodymium magnets.

You can make an electric motor with any kind of magnet.

i didnt ment electric motor, "magna motor"

i didnt ment electric motor, "magna motor"

sorry, i was loged in in my friends name..