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how to make milkshakes easily? Answered

i want somebody to help me make an any flavour milkshake that is easy but still tastes nice


Note that whether a milkshake contains ice cream or not depends on where you are. If you're ever visiting Massachusetts, to get ice cream you need to order a frappe; a milkshake there is just milk shaken with syrup.


8 years ago

I'm too lazy to wash the blender afterward, so I put the ingredients into a tightly sealed Tupperware container and shake the living daylights out of it.

It works just as well. You can foam milk for cappuccino like this as well.

Ice cream
Favorite candy/fruit/flavoring

Put it in the blender

Tools:  blender or milkshake machine, upright mixer (the bladed one-hand kind)

Milk (optional, no milk makes it a smoothie pretty much)
Ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sherbert
Fruit - bananas, berries, etc.
flavouring additivies:  vanilla, almond, chocolate (sauce), mint, cherry, etc.

They're all 'easy'.  scoop of ice cream, cover with fruit, add 'some' milk, enough to allow the blender to liquify the drink. 

Milk + ice-cream + blender.
Or milk + ice-cream + fruit + blender.
What have you got?