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how to make model castings with aluminium Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

How big?  Most smaller parts are injection molded with 'pot metal'-a zinc or lead (or both...) alloy.   Sand casting handles larger parts.

You really want a die-casting machine, and machined dies. Lead or Tin is better for homemade stuff.


no. it is only for hobby. I want to transfer the original image  onto plaster of  paris and the the liquified metal over it .

If you do this, make sure you plaster is very dry - put it in an oven. Brass is much harder to work with than aluminium, stay off brass.


Depending on your skill level, and the size o the model you want to make...

That technique is really only practical for short run, or one off parts, on a small scale.

If you want to do stuff like 1/2 scale model railroading... Your going to need to spend a few days/weeks/months reading http://www.backyardmetalcasting.com/

It'd also be worth while to get a copy of

Dave Gingery's Charcoal Foundry

It's worth more than it's weight in Aluminum.

Thank you for information I will browse the sites. I want to transfer the original image to plaster of paris and make a mould and prepare the casting image by pouring liqufied cast metal -say aluminium or brass for which i have questioned whether there is any catalyst to reduce  melting point of the metal to liquified