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how to make motor vehicle indicator lenses, the orange bit, Answered

can i use my origenal to make a mould, any suggestions, then i'll be back to ask, what do you mean, how do i do that, where can i get one of those from etc. etc. hehe thanks johnny


cheers, but think i'd like to have a go at moulding, any instructables on here, i cant find one. but pick up tips here and there

You first might try finding a lens from a salvage yard that is larger than the one you need and cut and shape it using a drimel tool. You can make some bends and domes by heating it in hot water and form it using heavy gloves. Unless you want to really get into molding with clear epoxy. Thats almost a career in itself.

tried that one, they are old stock, and were very commonly used on kit cars etc. they dont make them anymore, any old stock had sold out, due to the number of cars using them, and damaging them, other people fit any approx size, but i thought i would have a go at making some. i have seen people moulding simular stuff on here, but thinner, and want to have a go, i can put my mind to most things, and have a lot of spare time. so any advice welcome,

. I'd look for a replacement, instead of trying to build my own.