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how to make my personal website???? pls send me in my email..? Answered

i want to have a personal website but i really don't know how to make it..



Best Answer 10 years ago

There's a lot that goes into a website. For the most part you should have a rudimentary understanding of HTML and CSS.

HTML Tutorials - http://www.w3schools.com/html/DEFAULT.asp
CSS Tutorial - http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp

Next you will need a webhost, this is a company with web server access that actually hosts your website for you. I use Go Daddy myself but there are quite a few out there.

Web Hosts & Ratings - http://webhostinggeeks.com/

You will also need to have a FTP client so that you can upload the website from your computer to the webhost. If you don' tknow how to do this you should be able to speak to their tech support to have them instruct you on how, or they might have an online guide. I generally use either FileZilla ( Open Source FTP Client ) or FireFTP ( Firefox Addon ).

Filezilla - http://http:/filezilla-project.org/download.php
FireFTP - http://fireftp.mozdev.org/

You will most likely need something to create graphics, I use Photoshop ( Not Cheap ) but a good open source graphics package is GIMP, I know a lot of people who prefer it over Photoshop just because it's open source, I have to stay Industry Standard though.

GIMP - http://www.gimp.org/

Now lastly, if you don't feel confident writing your own website ( the more rewarding approach ) then you can use an open source CMS Package ( Content Management System ) like Mambo/Joomla, PHP Nuke, Dot Net Nuke, Wordpress, Serendipity, and many many others. It really just comes down to just what kind of website you want. If you are just wanting a blog, then Wordpress is probably your easiest solution. If you are wanting forums, downloads, and a bunch of extra stuff, then I would recommend something else entirely. My personal favorite is Simple Machine Forums ( SMF ) with the Tinyportal addon for a more feature rich CMS with pretty solid security.

SMF - http://download.simplemachines.org/
Tinyportal - http://www.tinyportal.net/index.php?action=tpmod;dl=tinyportal
Wordpress - http://wordpress.org/download/
DotNet Nuke - http://www.dotnetnuke.com/tabid/125/default.aspx
Mambo - http://mambo-code.org/gf/project/mambo/frs/

I posted this here as well as emailing it to you since others may have the same question and emailing it only isn't sharing with the rest of the instructable community.


6 years ago

check out wordpress you might find it helpful since they have a lots of ready templates that you can just choose from and just fill up the blanks and follow the tutorials they have.



10 years ago

You can make your web pages in frontpage you can do the basic stuff without knowing html. and for a web host there are a lot of them out there you can get free ones or paid ones. I have been using 110mb.com they are free and I havent had any problems yet.


10 years ago

Though answered there are also a fair few instructables on making websites, including one I made. As for hosting 110mb.com is free, 4gb space and 300gb bandwidth per month...


10 years ago

www.wetpaint.com is free