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can i connect a usb webcam via wifi router and and a recevier then get the video in my pc Answered

i want to make my usb webcam into wireless one
because i want to fix it in a  rc car and  get the video  in my computer

Is this is possible using the recevier

please help me



Use an USB to IP converter and then connect IP converter to Wifi Router. But this requires power to IP converter, router.. so check out. USB to IP converter shoulod be around 60pounds.

The most likely way you will actually do this is by buying a wireless camera.


Not that simple. You need something that speaks enough USB to extract the images from the camera and get them onto the air, and then something to get data off the air and into the computer.

Much, much easier to buy one of the cameras made for this purpose, unless you already have a computer in the car which has enough spare power (and suitable USB drivers).


As orksecurity said... the cheapest (and easiest) way would be to buy a wireless webcam off the shelf... however... there are wireless usb kits out there too... so if you want a project... that would be where to start... some kits would require modifications (power-wise) to make them portable - but there should be instructions out there... google around and you might find something reasonably priced...