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how to make my wireless connection invisible so other people cannot see it through his/their computer? Answered



8 years ago

I am a new member and i love this forum so much....i can get a lot of knowledge here....

Not knowing what system you are using, there is a setup page in my system that allows me to click a box so I "don't broadcast".   Supposidly that won't allow anyone other than a person signed on to even know that there is a wireless connection.

That isn't perfect, but it's a first step.

More importantly, set your router for 128-bit security and use a strong key. That way, even if people know it exists, they won't be able to access it.

thanks it's helpful ....i will try bro...have a good day...

Thanks guy....it's helpful ..i will try it....have a nice day!

Turn it off.

But seriously, we don't know what kind of wireless router you've got so we cannot give you specific instructions for setting it up.

What you need to do is get into your router's configuration and find an option that should say something like "Broadcast ESSID," and disable it.  Most routers can do it.

There's are some problems though.  It will still be incredibly easy for people to find your connection if they're looking for it and anybody who's connected in the past will probably see it anyway.  In other words, it won't stop people from connecting to it.  It also makes it difficult for some gadgets to connect, like PDA's, older computers, and game systems.  For those reasons I don't recommend it.

You're better off setting up a more secure connection and leaving it visible.  You can probably switch modes from WEP to the more secure WPA-PSK.  You'll also want to change or set the access key (password) to something very strong; Your router can probably generate a good one randomly for you.