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how to make ood mask Answered

i was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how to easily and cheaply make an ood mask, ive already got the translator ball worked out, i just need a way to make the face, thanks in advance.


Hi, I believe buying an ood mask would be your best bet. You can get them for as cheap as 35 on ebay. I'm curious as to how you planned on making translator ball though as I have yet to come up with a good method to make one.

My sister was on a medicine that came in a ball that slowly pushed the medicine through a tube, and i was going to stick a light in it, ended up never doing it though

Legs of a toy octopus?

Maybe a modified Cthulu project?

Nope, quite simple if you are a fisherman ;)
Soft plastic lures are the way to go here....