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how to make paintballs and what type of paint to use that's easy to clean up? Answered


And for anyone else who winds up looking at this, there's a good bit of real info at this site:


Paintballs are made non-toxic, food-grade ingredients. Make the hollow shell, they first pour water into a giant, heated mixing bowl, then add a sweetener, a preservative and a secret combination of food ingredients . Finally, the key ingredient that gives the shell its shape gelatin.

Try cooking a some water, food coloring and cornstarch for the child friendly paint inside. For the outside, I dont know...maybe cooked playdoh?!

I use hume made play doh, microwave it for a minute or two and then refridgerate the play doh balls. All I know how to make are reballs. Paintballs are a different story. You could microwave the play doh for a minute then inject paint into it and close the hole up with a patch of play doh, microwave it again and then refridgerate them and shoot them.

i once made something simmiliar i got some play doh and pushed a marble half way in then pour wax in and around the semicircle where the marble used to be and do it again to make two then fill 1 half with paint and super glue the halves to gether ps if you nedd any help just private message me hope i could help


9 years ago

try useing WATER based CHILD friendly paint it is the easy to get off most anything

The casing for the paint, (the actual ball) is made of geletain. Not sure about the "paint" though.

the paint is actually just normal arcylic paint with alot soap and water mixed with it im not sure how you can make a paintball but for a paint granade just fill up a water baloon

The paintballs I've been hit with used have all had an odd sort of soft plastic coating that absorbs water (dropped paintballs swelled and jammed the barrels).

The paint itself seemed oily, but washed off easily with soap and water.

Not much help, but there is one extra thing - whatever you use, make sure that it degrades quickly in the environment, as paint splashes will be unsightly, and the scraps of balls will pose a hazard to wildlife.

This is best to be done with professionally made paintballs, this could be dangerous. Now that that's out of the way, here's a link to an episode of how it's made on paintballs, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gneZc_hafDE

You could use a metal sphere mold and burn the outside of the paint ball.