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how to make pencil from paper? Answered

who know how to make pencill from paper?


Roll paper very tightly, bake in vacuum furnace for 6 months at 3000 C to graphitise the core. Then wrap the outside of the slug with more fresh paper.

* sharpen it.



6 years ago

Heat the paper in an oven until it's black. powder that paper and mix it with a binder. Roll some leads from that, and wrap with paper like Steve said.

Or you could pulp a bunch of paper, dry it, mix it with a glue of some sort and compress it into something like wood and go a more traditional route.

I usually take my favorite kind of paper to the store and trade it for some pencils.

remove lead from traditional wood pencil

Wrap paper tightly round the lead until the right thickness - Glue the end down.

Am I missing something?

LOL... +1

You could also take lead from a mechanical pencil and follow the same instructions as rick suggested. You'll just have to be careful not to break the lead as you wind the paper around...

(btw, buying a pack of pencils for a dollar would be easier... just saying). ;)