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how to make perfume using indigeneous materials? Answered

how to make a perfume using materials that can be found at home?


Try Castor oil and washing soda, if I recall it smells like violets or roses. (Never tried it "A.C Gilbert Chemistry Set Book".)

Use the Search function to find Kiteman's instructable on making perfume from flowers.  I keep meaning to, but forget until the lilacs are done...

It's not too hard.  You can make your own essential oils and then mix in pleasing ratios in a matrix you prefer.  You can make solid perfumes or a spray.  You can also buy essential oils if you don't have a lot of potential fodder for making it. 

My general rule for mixing is something woody, something flowery, and something herbally such as sandalwood, jasmine, and lemongrass.  I buy my essential oils, and they're nice for scenting a lot of different things.  You can find an essential oil for just about everything.  I've used ethyl alcohol and water as the main matrix with good success for a spray perfume.