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how to make simple and cheap home sound proofing? Answered

my home is on 2nd floor,just beside a busy road . due to ts construction materials and elevation sound pollution is more and unbearable.  as its the accommodation provided by the company i cannot modify its elevation, etc, but i can upgrade its interior. i need methods, metatarsals which helps me to reduce its noise.



5 years ago

Install heavy, plush drapes over the windows, plush carpeting or rugs on the floor and soft pillows and fabrics on the furniture. Basically, cover as much of the hard stuff as is possible with soft stuff, that will make a world of difference.


5 years ago

Regular fiberglass insulation kills a lot of noise as well as heat transfer. It is also approved for construction so you don't risk being accused of adding something that is below standard. (foam and foam rubber is highly flammable). Heavy lined curtains that cover the wall rather than just the window help kill noise also.
If you want to go high tech you can get sound canceling units. These monitor the noise and produce a revers sound wave that cancels out the original sound. It works great for things like headphones. There is a large hydro power plant close to here that uses it to kill the noise in the generator room. It is quite amazing. They used to require ear protection just to enter the very large room with all these turbines. Now you go in there and its very quiet. It so strange because you can feel the floor vibrating and also the units but there is no sound from them. People can talk in a normal voice and workers are not required to have ear protection any more. I know the Japanese were making a refrigerator with sound canceling built in so the unit is completely quite. The technology works and it is out there. Another plus is that it does not require making any changes to the building itself.
Here are a few links that I found from a Google search.

Buy some egg-crate foam mattress pads and line your walls with it. Your biggest problem will be any windows you have. Those will be the main source of entry for the noise. Chances are it's the windows that are the main problem and lining the walls will do little to help.


Using proper sound deadening materials will be a BIG improvement over most diy solutions. 'actual' egg crates (cardboard or foam) are garbage at absorbing/deadening sound.

Popping off the window trim and spray-foaming all the gaps makes a BIG difference...as does better thicker windows.