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how to make some thing intresting out of a beer cap Answered

I need something cool to do with beer caps cause I have so many.


I plan to do an instructable about bottle caps soon... Keep your eyes open.

I think you owe tjesse an extra-large bottle of Visine. If he's kept his eyes open for the past two years, they're probably fairly dried out by now.

French the llama! What have I done?!
Please forgive me. My bottlecap endeavors had come to quite a halt. I am sorry I did not inform you.

Oh damnit I didn't realise this was a 2 year old topic. Grrrr.

Fame, the movie included a scene: Glue bottle tops to the sole of your shoes and you have tap shoes.

Collect lots of different types?
A trivet?
Punch the middle out and drill a hole in one side? Then sew them to a jerkin to make scale plate armour?
Set them in concrete and tile a floor?
Use them as really small, individual ice cube moulds?
Beer top chandelier?
Christmas tree decorations?

Sorry I should elaborate, glue a safety pin to the back to make a pin badge. Or you could tessalate them to make a dome shape if you have loads, and then use it as a lampshade.

Or just use a sodacan tab and put it on the inside of your shirt, and pop the beer cap over top everything.
The cap just snaps right in!

Also you can use cold drinks can for this

Kitchen magnets there is an Instructable about it

try and fold the beer cap in to half....no need for vice grips just try and crumple/fold it get a beer bottle and lay it down. put the folded cap in the mouth of the bottle....not all the way in...just at the mouth/neckof the bottle and try to get the cap in the bottle be blowing it.....if u can, let me know :)

too bad he is too young to drink i know balls to the wall and he is only 13

It may sound retarted to you but it sounds neat to me: Cover a wall a door (or even better, your ceiling!) with them. Use super glue or tape or something

Cover a wall a door

Cover a wall OR a door*

You could make a basket with them...


9 years ago

A mosaic. That's why I've been saving mine (and my friends have too). Also gluing magnets inside, making a six pack and then giving them to your friends (of their favorite brews of course). Of course there are belts and lots of other crafty things to do - just poke around online a bit.