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how to make the photo diode that detect light , to convert it to image? Answered

i want to know how to use a photodiode to detect a light and converting it to an image


A SINGLE photodiode ????

Yes, its possible, its called "slow scan TV"

it doesnt have to be a single , could use many photodiodes to do that or using many phototransistors , but the thing i dont know is how to use them to capture an image?

You need to make some decisions about your system. You can use between 1 diode and several million. For simplicity, and for historical interest one is all you need to do something.

You need a mechanical device to scan the image (rasterize) across the photodiode. You record one byte (greyscale intensity) per scan point, and the end result will be a greyscale image.

It is your responsibility to research image storage formats and the software required to convert the rasterized data to such a format.

I am thinking rotating mirrors to scan the image?

I'm thinking mechanical television = Nipkow disc. and channelling our inner Logie Baird.