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how to make the subwoofer itself not the casing? Answered

i would like to know how to make the subwoofer itself not the casing i have enough of thoes




Best Answer 7 years ago

Try liiking on youtube, they have some good videos. Just search up homemade sub and go on videos!

i meant looking not liiking


6 years ago

Do you mean the raw driver, rather then just the enclosure?

A good knowledge about electrical engineering, magnetic theory, mechanical engineering, chemistry, materials science, acoustics, and access to a machine shop and knowledge of using machine equipment such as lathes and milling machines, or a good professional relationship with a machinist would be a good start.

If you only specialize in one of these areas, find others interested in the project who specialize on other areas. Software to help greatly with the design of cones or motors can be found here: 


A great article on cone making can be found here:


If you're in college, and not a science/engineering major, consider taking the required math classes to learn the science/engineering physics and chemistry courses, then switch to a science/engineering major.

If you are young and in public school, take the advanced math and science classes since they are free that way, and will help in getting into a good engineering college.

University education is very expensive.  If you can't afford it, a technical school can be a good start to learn to work with machine equipment, or a junior college to get a start on the science and engineering prerequisites.

Study well, a high grade point average can open up grants and scholarships which can open the doors to an expensive university education.

The world needs people who design and make things that they love.

Good luck!

thanks so much
i have kind of been working on one but nothing finnished yet, this will realy help tons


8 years ago

i have most of the stuff or i can get it easy i just cant be botherd bying one thanks for the help

your welcome!


8 years ago

Oh, you can probably make a subwoofer driver yourself...  Will it be better than what you can buy?  Doubtful.  And, it'll probably cost you more, too.

But, if you're interested in the experience rather than the result, then have fun!  Do a google search and you'll find lots of info on how speakers/drivers are constructed.

.  Try searching for some of these terms. Add "speaker" or "driver" if necessary.
voice coil
driver frame
cone construction
.  You may need a crossover circuit.

.  Hint: The individual "speakers" are called "drivers."

You want to make a speaker?
You know what speakers are made from - do you have the materials?