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how to make tuna salad? Answered


Websearch "tuna salad recipe".

+1 to Burf

Tuna salad is a personal thing. Best made to suit the chef or what they remember of their mom/dad/grandma/etc made for them when young

I often just do tuna, mayo, mustard, and a bit of onion salt, garlic powder, and black pepper...good for crackers or the urgent sandwich.

to BURF's list, i would also add

Green Olives
Pickle relish or pickles
and.......Black olives are ok too.

Of course dont add ALL those items... just the ones you LIKE.

A salad can be many things. Are you wanting to reproduce something you can buy, or generally clueless as to what to do with tuna?


Open and drain a can of tuna.  Put it in a bowl.
Chop up a little fresh onion.
Chop up a little celery.  I you don't have celery you can add a dash of celery seed.
Boil and egg hard.  Chop it up.
Add a table spoon of mayonase.
Put that all in a bowl and mix it up.  If it's too dry add a little mayonaze until it's the consistancy you like it.

Spread this on bread and eat it.

You might want to add a little salt or pepper if you like.

Extras that you might use to spice it up some.

Chopped apples or pears.
Pecans or walnuts.
A little jalapenio juice.  (My favorite ingrediant)
You can sub. canned chicken for the tuna and it's just as good.

You really can't mess it up unless you try really hard.  I've had it with pineapple added and it was slightly more than okay.


8 years ago

Combine tuna with any or all of the following ingredients in whatever proportions suit your taste:

water chestnuts
Shaved almonds