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how to mount a bipod without a stud Answered

how would i mount a bipod to this?
I dont have a swivel stud or screw or anything. my gun is identical to this one.

i am not sure if i even can have a screw in it because it is a tube-loader(there is a tube under the barrel and you slide the bullets into this. it can hold either 17 or 18 .22 long rifle.

alllsssooooooooo. how would i make a nice non-knex bipod?


Oh, and also, if you want a k'nex "bipod", use the one from Motaboi's Cheytac M200 Intervention.


Well, if you have a weaver/picitanny style rail on the forend, the you MEED to buy a Q.D. stud adapter.

If you have no rail, drill holes to mount a rail.

That's all I can do for you, but feel free to ask any questions, (related or non-related).


i was thinking about making one of those but i want something more like a Harris.
so that i will be able to adjust it from sitting level(which i will be doing alot) also i was thinking about a spring tensioned swivel so you could move along with your target without losing too much steadiness

thought so. its a good design but im looking for something more permanent and adjustable. something like a harris. and if i can make them successfully then maybe i will start my own company name harriz and sell the exact same thing for reduced price and then they will be forced to lower their prices and THEN i can afford one!!! (that wasnt supposed to make sense)

. Try searching for "M-16 bipod +mil-spec" or "AR-15 bipod +mil-spec" for what the Army uses (or did use, don't know current status). It's a spring-loaded scissor design that installs/removes in seconds without tools. I got one (with OD case) at a surplus store, but don't remember what I paid for it.

thats the thing, you cant replace the tube loader lol. but i like it over a clip because unless you buy a ruger 10/22 the clip is only going to hold 5 or 10. and we all know loading a clip every 10 shots is no fun.
but one method i was thinking about is since i have a scope and do not use the iron sights i could get a C clamp(if thats what they are called) 2 of them would bolt together on the side of the barrel and i could elongate the bolts and mount the bipod to that.

but then again, this gun was my grandfathers gun so i might just blow 100 dollars on a ruger 10/22. but that would be after i buy a camera lol

You mount to the forearm(?) of the stock, drilling holes and counter sinking nuts from the inside. Make the bipod out of metal, making sure that the legs swing back and lock parallel to the stock : ) Look up gunsmithing, usually bipods are for .50 cal rifles or machine guns, so look up plans for them. If your skills aren't up to trimming a screw to the thickness of the stock, then plan on getting better or replacing the loading tube several times : (