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how to not procrastinate? Answered

just looking for advice and such on this matter. lately my procrastinating has gotten out of hands, and i've been missing due dates and kind of blowing everything off


Ah, I just got around to responding to this. A good way to avoid procrastinating is to respond to questions, comments, e-mail and so on, as soon as you see them!

Unite with other procrastinaters... tomorrow.


8 years ago

Procrastinate procrastination.

I simply torture myself... Took me a year to bother cleaning my room, took me less than two days to fix the issue when not procrastinating...

If you keep reminding yourself in your head every time you sit down it seems o work...

Along with this try adding bonuses, or involving others... Got a girlfriend/boyfriend? They tend to be the source of procrastination, get them on board and it helps alot, school work will always pail in comparison to a member of the opposite sex, but they can make you interested in anything, hence advertising is born...


9 years ago

Procrastination is one of those things that you'll always want to do, I think it requires a real single-mindedness and power of will to not go off the tracks a little.

I deal with it by allowing myself time to procrastinate at significant points. For example, after revising one or two topics (1-2hours work) I get to play Bejewelled for 10 minutes (or till I lose). Doing this gave me something to work towards.

The breaks always came after finishing a section instead of an amount of time, since you can always waste time inbetween but you'll still need to finish that topic. Just be realistic and fair in your setting of work and rest periods - don't take the piddle as you're only cheating yourself.

Incentives work great too, having something to look forward to at the end like a party or a new purchase or that cake you've had your eye on. Throughout school, I believed that doing well would get me the good grades, the good qualifications, the good money, and then the ladies would follow. Finding your own work pattern helps too. I found that I can maintain a level of work through the night and pulling an all-nighter to get it done is possible. Plus working at 4am means very little distractions of any kind.

It's all about not cheating yourself and doing the best you can for yourself. I've realised that study and work are very important because you can't rely on luck to get you by. We all know it's hard to get through, but it feels *so* much better when you're done and you're eating cake.

Get friends to remind you, nag you, email you.

Tell your mother all your deadlines, as soon as you are given them - even if you don't live with your parents, mothers love to remind their children that they should be working.

Arrange "study dates" - meet up with friends (of either sex) in non-distracting surroundings (libraries are good, or any other room with a table, chairs and no TV) and simply work near each other. Guilt will prevent you sneaking off task.

I don't that it's possible to stop. I know I've tried and failed constantly. I just work better under pressure, I suppose. I always wait until the night before or the morning of. I actually did my take home final last night and it's due today right after I get off work. :P You could always try tricking yourself with new due dates, maybe.

hum he's blowing every thing off, I have a few computers that need the dust blown outta them, that I've been to lazy to do....

I've got a real good answer, but it's kinda long. I'll try to post it when I get around to it.

Wait a little longer, you may not need to worry about it. Seriously, get a big wall calendar to mark all of your due dates and what else you have scheduled. You need to get organized and start checking off stuff that you plan to do. You can only add stuff if the calendar date is free or does not conflict with stuff until you have finished it. Good luck.