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how to organize resistors? Answered

i need some help organizing resistor. i have a ton of resistors but have no idea how to organize them. any ideas?


Has anyone out there thought about a way of possibly automating the selection criteria? I just want to stick in my resistors there, and let the device take it into it's box, and when I want one, I just type in the value, and it pops out of the box.

You could buy something like that ( I don't know how it's called in English ...) :


the only problem is that they are not very cheap :/ , the cheapest one i found in tis size costed 40 euros, why spend all this money when a cheap solution can be found? :/

Yep, I have a few of those parts bins myself, mostly with ICs in them though.

I bought a few packs of assorted resistors from American Science and Surplus. I sorted them, and others into a box like chooseausername mentioned, except much smaller (5 wide by 3 tall). I haven't yet filled the box, and my categories will become more specific as I add to the collection, but so far I have "<1K ohm," "1K ohm to 10K ohm," ">10K ohm, <1M ohm," ">1M ohm," and "variable resistors."

. I keep my resistors (and other misc electronics) in bins like chooseusrename shows and arrange them by oogitsmelol's method. When I'm short of bin space I will combine similar parts that are easy to visually pick out (eg, 1/8W and 1W resistors of the same ohms in the same bin).

Hmm, it really depends on how many of "each" resistor you have. For instance, if you have a lot of 1K resistors, and a lot of 2k's and etc. you can set them in separate containers/bins, but if you have only a few 1k, 2k, 3k, etc. but have a lot of variety, you can put 1-9k in a bin, 10-20k in a bin, etc. It just depends on the quantity you have of each. You don't want to be separating a single resistor per bin. I have a box full of "carbon resistors" all (even the 10 ohm ones) bigger then your little finger (those I can see the color bands on LOL) sized down to those only a little bigger than a surface mount.....try to read the 5 color bands on THOSE with old eyes LOL

what do you mean organizing them? like putting them in separate containers? if so, go by resistance value and wattage.