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how to pick up free wireless internet connection? Answered

whats the passwords for wireless internet connections


Most places like Mcdonalds, Starbucks the local library that offer free wifi have a password of the day or something like that so that not just anyone can park in the parking lot and use their service.  But if you are nice and ask properly they will usually give you the password or whatever so you can use their service.

The Burger King here in the Hellmouth has been using the same password for at least 18 months, maybe longer. Besides, even if they do change the password, all do have to do is buy a small drink, and the password will be printed on the receipt. Heck, if you don't want to spent the buck on a drink, just look around the parking lot. Somebody will have pitched their empty bag out of their car, and the receipt with password will be on it.

UK McDonalds don't even have a password - you can park outside and use it.

Unsecured wi-fi is still common,there are 3 in my building alone.Most users don't seem to care about the type of encryption they use and choose WEP as default. WEP encryption is a joke,use AirCrack or BackTrack to gain access.Also try getting in using commonly used lazyman passwords such as 123456,I love you, and password(believe it or not people use this one) clever no?.

Most people will have a different password depending upon their set up, but even the default is different between different brands of routers. Go to your list of possible connections and try find one that's not security locked. If you hang around McDonalds with a laptop or outside places like Pancake Parlour then you can get online for free.

there is no universal password