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how to play roms on xbox(not 360) without modding? Answered

i dont got money to get Halo so i need a way to play downloaded games on my xbox.


You can't.

Besides mentioning that piracy is against the law, stands on shaky ethical grounds, and violates the xbox terms of service --  Even the people I know who are extremely tech savvy and did all the steps right to prevent detection still eventually got banned from live.  Not worth it to wreck your already expensive game unit for a few free games.

There is no way without modifying the console to allow playing downloaded (illegitimate) games without paying for them. 

May I recommend you use some of your free time to perhaps work, and get some money that way?  If you are too young for a regular job then try shoveling snow, babysitting, dog walking, raking leaves, and other yard work.  In no time you'll have enough money to afford all the games you want.

you can get an original xbox for pennies now

I just realized you said NOT 360 - your sentence structure threw mew off - anyhow, halo1 for xbox classic is like 10 dollars these days...save up!


7 years ago

At a minimum you have to softmod your xbox to play xbmc. follow this;


I did it at home with extra parts at home and it works like a charm. i found emulators online for NES and Genesis.

I don't mind too much the xbox controller but I am now looking to use an original genesis controller on xbox.

You've asked this an hour ago, please be patient.

Unfortunately I have no idea if you can do this however I'm sure someone will be along shortly that will know the answer.