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how to poly a guitar amp a light color? Answered

I would like to keep my home-made guitar amp a light color. and i am having problems finding the right polyeurathane for it.  it is a very whitish wood, and it does not have any knots, and i like the white color of it. and when i put just plain poly on a scrap of wood, it turned a disgusting yellow. i dont really want that! haha so i wonder if there is a way to keep that beautiful white color on the amp, but still have poly on it. because if i dont poly the amp, it is going to get destroyed by water, dust, and it will, of course, get beat up by random things (little sisters....haha jk). sooo, i just wondered. THX!!



7 years ago

You don't provide enough information to give a specific response, but in general you can use a whitewash stain and thin it to the desired level. Re-sand lightly and then apply your finish coat. This works well on dark to medium dark woods. Lighter woods such as white oak, birch or white pine may not darken enough to matter. Take a piece of your scrap wood and test your finish on it to see what appeals to you.

I presume you mean you want to apply polyurethane varnish to the wooden case of your home-made guitar amp, and don't want the wood to darken.

Normal poly varnish is transparent. It will darken the wood about as much as dampening the wood does. In fact, a way to get an estimate of the resulting color is to dampen a rag with mineral spirits and swipe that across the wood; that will wet the wood so you can see what will happen, but will evaporate pretty quickly so it won't cause much delay before you actually finish.

If that's darker than you want... I dunno what to tell you. Leave the wood unfinished? Use a finish like wax which won't soak into the wood as much (but will require a lot more effort to apply and maintain)? Build it again using a still-lighter-colored wood?

Perhaps consider rephrasing your questions not using slang. I usually understand most cryptic questions, but this makes no sense.