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how to power a starship coil? Answered

I want to power a starship coil that i built


It is powered by a simple circuit that senses north and south and if wired correctly can make an overunity generator that could work.

Difficult - 1,000,000 AA cells should do it.

a car battery would work better. NIce one jeff-o. However if you wanted to try some thing like that try "pico" amp capacitors instead of AA batteries. A few thousand of them, each one paired with a diode so that as they charge purely off of static electricity then discharge through the directional diodes in to the coils. This creates an intermitent directional field. The large number of very small static capacitors garanties almost constant electrical generation from air static. The problem is such tiny capacitors are expencive and may need to be purchased a few at a time and added to a pin board the diodes however can be purchased a bag of a few hundred for relativly cheap from new egg dot com :) id test them before use new egg products dont always go through quality controll so each diodes thresh hold voltages may vary slightly.

1) How rude some of you are and what a wonderfull way to show how ignorant you are.

2) to the aurthor, congratulations on building your own "star/ship" configuration modified tessela coil. I know it takes a lot of paitence.

3) For those that dont know (and it seams there are a few) a "Star/Ship" coil has nothing to do with "star ships" it is shaped like a star from a top veiw and like a ship (or more acurately a row boat) from a side view.

4) now you want to use it there are a few ways:
use a standart coil with a field or current running through it in close proximity to create induction
or attach a load to the ends of it and wave a magnet over it to create conduction there are more ways but these are the most basic


6 years ago

Jack did it with magic beans.

Steal some antimatter from the CERN nuclear weapons lab and take it to the Vatican....oh, wait, wrong fantasy.

You'll need to find some asteroids with large deposits of dilithium....

...of the crystal variety. Then bring Scotty back from the dead...


A single glass of pure water...

You need to find a way to get a hydroelectric dam on a starship.


6 years ago

Car batteries.